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The institutions

The Espriu Foundation is divided into two sections. The first is the Barcelona-based network which group together Autogestió Sanitària, the medical services health co-operative (owner of the insurance company Assistència Sanitària) and the users’ co-operative SCIAS. The second is the state-wide network which comprises the commercial insurance company ASISA and the health co-operative Lavinia.

Autogestió Sanitària

Autogestió Sanitària is a medical services co-operative established in 1978 and headquartered in Barcelona. It is made up of exclusively of 5,500 doctors registered with the Barcelona Medical Association. They are all shareholders of Assistència Sanitària and the majority appear on the company’s medical list.

It is the majority owner of the health insurance company Assistència Sanitària, founded in 1957 and which started its activity in 1960. Its aim is to achieve a collective or social medical system, satisfactory for both professionals and users, allowing professionals to contribute to co-operative healthcare by providing their opinion based on continuous dialogue with users.


Scias established in 1974 by Assistència Sanitària policyholders, it is a user’s co-operative headquartered in Barcelona. It owns and manages Barcelona Hospital.

Scias was established with the aim to provide its members quality healthcare facilities, where professionals have adequate means for treating them. Instalaciones Asistenciales Sanitarias Scias is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of healthcare provided to patients.


ASISA is a healthcare leader providing coverage throughout Spain.

The co-operative model allows it to devote profits earned yearly to the effective improvement of its healthcare and its ideology encourages the free and direct relationship with policyholders, translating into high-quality care. The co-operative nature of ASISA and the differential fact that it was created and is made up of doctors, define the clear vocation for patient service and fostering the improvement of healthcare quality. Today, ASISA is one of the leading companies in the private health sector with over 2 million policyholders.


Lavinia, with its head office in Madrid, this health co-operative was created in 1977 by Dr. Josep Espriu.

Lavinia is a non-profit health co-operative with 100% Spanish capital, which reinvests its profits into improving the co-operative and its members. Today, it is made up of 10,000 doctors. Lavinia is the sole owner of Asisa and of the HLA Hospital Group, and is geared towards social medicine.

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