IHCO members visit the Unimed Hospital in Sorocaba


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IHCO members visit the Unimed Hospital in Sorocaba

A delegation of representatives from the organisations belonging to the International Health Co-operatives Organisation (IHCO) paid a visit on 26 July to the Sorocaba Hospital run by the Brazilian co-operative Unimed.

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The visit to the hospital, located in the city of Sorocaba some 100 kilometres west of São Paulo, was one of the activities organised in connection with the meeting of the IHCO Council.

During the visit, the President of the IHCO and Espriu Foundation trustee Dr. José Carlos Guisado, declared that “Unimed is a fine example of how health promotes development. We view health as a holistic project. A hospital like this in Sorocaba spurs development throughout the region and catalyses the growth of various sectors of society”.

Sorocaba Hospital caters to some 140,000 users, has 944 partners, a monthly average of 1000 admissions, and performs 95,000 laboratory tests per month.

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