Values ​​and key to success

Values and key to success

Values ​​and key to success

The Espriu Foundation defends the social medical system based on continuous dialogue between doctors and patients. Its aim is to contribute to increasing sanitary social value and human capital in the industry through co-operative healthcare, where management is shared and joint for professionals and users, without any kind of intermediaries. Additionally, profits are reinvested into improving the quality of healthcare.

The Espriu Foundation's main values are underpinned by the equality and freedom of people, non-discrimination and the search for social benefits in healthcare as opposed to economic profit.

The key to the success of the Espriu Foundation is the partnership between providers of a service and its recipients as a sustainable social value in healthcare. The Espriu Foundation considers health services to be a basic right because society requires healthcare to be a quality service.

Thanks to the co-management of these two figures, the Espriu Foundation’s healthcare institutions have achieved a management model in which a non-profit organisation allows economic profits to be converted into social value in healthcare by reinvesting in new technology, equipment and improvements to facilities, increasing the satisfaction of both groups.

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