Unimed Minas Gerais visits Moncloa University Hospital


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Unimed Minas Gerais visits Moncloa University Hospital

On 1 and 5 June, two delegations from medical cooperatives in Brazil visited the Moncloa University Hospital belonging to the ASISA Group, one of the institutions of the Espriu Foundation. The Brazilian co-operative delegates, from the Unimed Minas Gerais Federation, were welcomed by Dr José Carlos Guisado, the Chief Executive Officer of the Espriu Foundation, Dr Juan José Fernández, Managing Director of Moncloa Hospital, and Dr Carlos Zarco, the centre’s Medical Director.

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During the session the Brazilian doctors were able to learn not only about the healthcare network of the institutions that make up the Espriu Foundation and the administrative and operational processes of Moncloa University Hospital, but also some of the most recent technological innovations implemented by the ASISA hospital group. Dr Zarco subsequently accompanied the delegates on their tour of the medical facilities.

The Unimed Minas Gerais Federation is the political and institutional representative of 62 medical cooperatives and over 15,000 doctors in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, where Unimed is the leading health service provider, with a market share of 51%.

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