Renewal of positions on the Board of Trustees


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Renewal of positions on the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Espriu Foundation decided on 13 November to renew the positions of those heading the organisation, the President Teresa Basurte, and the Vice-Presidents Dr Ignacio Orce and Dr Francisco Ivorra, for a five-year term.

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Ms Basurte is President of the SCIAS co-operative, the organisation that groups together the users of Assistència Sanitària. For his part, Dr Ivorra is the President of the Lavinia doctors’ co-operative and the insurance company ASISA, while Dr Orce is the President of the Autogestió Sanitària co-operative, made up of Assistència Sanitària doctors.

Meanwhile, the governing body of the Foundation welcomed as its new trustees Dr Manuel María Fernández Ilarraza, who belongs to the governing board of the Lavinia co-operative, and the Medical Director of Moncloa University Hospital, Dr Carlos Zarco, who was also appointed Director General of the Foundation.

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