International cooperative movement pays tribute to Dr José Carlos Guisado


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International cooperative movement pays tribute to Dr José Carlos Guisado

The Alliance’s Board meeting in São Paulo emphasised the commitment and dedication shown by Dr Guisado to the global co-operative movement for more than three decades.

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On 7 March, the Board of the International Cooperative Alliance paid heartfelt tribute to the memory of Dr José Carlos Guisado, who passed away in October in Quebec. During the event, held in São Paulo, the President of the Alliance, Monique Leroux, highlighted Dr Guisado’s firm commitment, his hard work and remarkable willingness, while acknowledging his enthusiastic contribution over more than 30 years to the growth of the co-operative movement.

After the screening of an emotional video, Dr Carlos Zarco, Managing Director of the Espriu Foundation, spoke briefly in memory of Dr Guisado, and on behalf of his family and the Espriu Foundation, gave thanks for the support and solidarity shown by the Board Members of the Alliance and the co-operative movement as a whole.

The IHCO joins in the tribute

On 9 March, the Board of the International Health Co-operatives Organisation (IHCO) met at the headquarters of the Unimed cooperative in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo. During the meeting, which was attended by representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Japan and Spain, a few minutes were likewise set aside to remember and pay tribute to the figure of Dr Guisado, who chaired the organisation for more than 15 years.

The Board Members confirmed Dr Eudes de Freitas as President representing Unimed, and agreed to install Dr Carlos Zarco as Vice-President, representing the Espriu Foundation, while appointing as Project Coordinator the representative of the health co-operatives of Argentina, Dr Ricardo López. The meeting reviewed the operational approaches for 2017 and approved the budget for the financial year. Possible initiatives to consolidate the organisation’s position and promote its growth through the inclusion of new members were likewise debated.

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