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ICA sectoral organisations meeting

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) restructuring process will bring significant consequences in the near future. With this in mind, the organisations that represent the cooperatives from a sectoral point of view, as is the case of the International Health Cooperatives Organisation (IHCO), have been working together within the Sectoral Organisations Liaison Group in order to ensure that the original vision of this process as three-dimensional (global, regional and sectoral) does indeed come true from the sectoral point of view.

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On April 28th, the members of the Liaison Group, including IHCO chairman José C. Guisado, met in Brussels, in order to draft a resolution which shall be submitted to the extraordinary assembly of the ICA for its approval. The document fully supports the concept of “global membership” that the ICA board will present before the assembly, and adds two very important recommendations for the success of the restructuring process. Specifically, the sectoral organisations ask the members of the assembly to recognise the financial redistribution to the sectoral organisations as a permanent principle under the new global membership system, in the same way as it is recognised in the case of the regional organisations, guaranteeing the income during a two-year transition period where a specialised work group within the ICA board may design a different redistribution mechanism.

In addition, the sectoral resolution demands that a similar transition period be established for cooperatives whose only relationship with the ICA is through the sectoral organisation they belong to and which, under the new global membership system, would have to become direct members of ICA, which in most cases would imply a considerable increase of their membership fee and the possible risk that they would renounce membership.

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