Diario Médico rewards the ASISA-Lavinia Committee for Bioethics


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Diario Médico rewards the ASISA-Lavinia Committee for Bioethics

The prestigious journal Diario Médico has granted the ASISA-Lavinia Committee for Bioethics and Healthcare Rights one of its awards “to the best ideas in 2008” in the Legal, Ethical and Guidelines category. This is an innovative initiative that arises from the consultant and interdisciplinary body, to provide council for ethical and legal aspects and conflicts that arise in the clinical practice.

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Photo from left to right: Santiago Delgado, Enrique de Porres, Antonia Solvas, María Tormo, Mariano Caballero and Carlos Zarco

This Committee, pioneer in this field within healthcare companies, advises the different healthcare institutions within ASISA, the healthcare professionals included the list of doctors and other institutions involved in the healthcare activity or in the related healthcare training.

The Committee for Bioethics and Healthcare Rights is made up of three experts in the field. These are Fernando Bandrés, Manager of the Tejeri Foundation Advanced Studies and chief professor of legal medicine at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid; Benjamín Herreros, professor of Medical Humanities at the Universidad Europea in Madrid; and Santiago Delgado, manager of the Abascal legal medicine unit and director of the Master’s Course in Legal Healthcare at the Universidad Europea in Madrid. On the other hand, the ASISA Committee is made up of Dr. María Tormo, Director of Planning and Development at ASISA, Dr. Carlos Zarco, Medical Director of the Moncloa Clinic and Dr. Mariano Caballero, director of the ASISA legal department.

The Committee for Bioethics began its activities by holding the 1st Workshop on Bioethics and Human Rights this past 20th of November at the Moncloa Clinic in Madrid. With the creation of this Bioethics Committee, the Lavinia Cooperative ratifies its commitment with excellence in clinical practice and with the services provided by the firm to its co-operative members.

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