Co-operation with Tunisian mutualities


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Co-operation with Tunisian mutualities

A delegation from Tunisia’s Union Nationale des Mutuelles (UNAM), led by its president Fenniche Moncef, visited Barcelona in order to find out about the healthcare model developed by the institutions making up the Espriu Foundation.

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On 18 November 2008, they visited the Hospital de Barcelona, where they were welcomed by the deputy medical director of the centre, Dr. Gerard Martí, and by the director of the Espriu Foundation, Estanislau Simón. Dr. Martí gave a presentation in which he reported on the management and operations of the SCIAS co-operative, the Hospital de Barcelona and the Grup Assistència. There was a visit to the hospital’s facilities after the presentation.

On 19 November, they visited the offices of the Espriu Foundation, where they were welcomed by Estanislau Simón, who informed the Tunisian delegation about the origins, mission and activities of the Espriu Foundation. There was also an information session on the Social Economy in Spain, by Lluís M. Rodà.

The UNAM was created in 1993 and includes 45 professional mutual insurance companies from the public sector and the liberal professions sector. It comprises non-profit non-governmental organisations which use the contributions made by their members to implement initiatives of a humanitarian nature and providing mutual assistance to the benefit of their members and their families. The UNAM is specifically committed to the protection of the individual, and promotes their social, cultural, family and economic development.

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