Chinese oncologists visit the Hospital de Barcelona


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Chinese oncologists visit the Hospital de Barcelona

On 28 June, a group of oncologists and gastroenterologists from several hospitals in the Chinese provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui participated in a conference to exchange experiences and knowledge, organised by the Espriu Foundation, and held at the Hospital de Barcelona.

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The group was made up of medical directors and department heads from several Chinese hospitals, most of whom specialise in oncology treatments.

The President of the Espriu Foundation, Teresa Basurte, opened the conference by briefly explaining the healthcare model used by the organisations grouped together through the Foundation and their level of implementation in Spain.

On the other hand, Dr Gerard Martí, an Espriu Foundation trustee and Deputy Director of the Hospital of Barcelona, outlined the characteristics and operations at the hospital and Scias co-operative, as well as the strategic alliance with the insurance company Assistència Sanitària.

During the second part of the conference, which was more focused on the field of oncology, Dr Eugeni Saigí, Head of the Oncology Department at the Hospital of Barcelona, gave a presentation on the all-new Assistència Sanitaria Oncology Plan, a project that uses a multi-disciplinary approach to treating cancer with an integrated care structure which fosters teamwork among the team of medical specialists and professionals.

Afterwards, Dr Pedro Barrios, Assistència Sanitària’s oncology surgeon, explained the Sugarbaker technique for handling colorectal cancer peritoneal carcinomatosis to his Chinese counterparts as this innovative technique is bringing about very good results.

To end the conference, Dr Martí and Dr Saigí accompanied the Chinese delegation on a tour of the recently inaugurated oncology facilities at the Hospital of Barcelona.

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