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ASISA Bioethical Committee

The ASISA Bioethical Committee was constituted on July 15 in Madrid as an interdisciplinary and consultation committee from which to receive advice regarding the ethical and legal aspects of, as well as conflicts that may arise during, clinical practice.

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This committee will function as consultant to the various health care institutions integrated into ASISA, as well as medical professionals and institutions involved in health care related activities or training. The main functions include to advise health care professionals, directors of ASISA health care centres, and Health Science students at ASISA centres in the ethical and legal conflicts that might arise while providing health care, to analyse and propose possible alternatives and solutions to the ethical and legal conflicts as they arise, to propose internal protocols to be followed in situations which, due to their frequency or seriousness, generate ethical or legal conflicts within health care practice, to promote bioethical training in, and critical thought regarding, health care rights among both health care and non health care professionals of ASISA, in addition to students of health care.

The Bioethical Committee will be made up of experts in the field, such as Professor Santiago Delgado Bueno, from the Complutense University in Madrid, and Professors Fernando Bandres Moya and Benjamín Herreros Ruiz, both from the Europea University in Madrid. On behalf of ASISA, the Committee will include María Tormo, ASISA Planning and Development Manager, Carlos Zarco, Medical Director at Clínica Moncloa, and Mariano Caballero, Manager of the ASISA legal department.

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