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The Espriu Foundation dates back to the visit of Dr. Josep Espriu in 1955 to the Igualatorio Médico de Bilbao, to learn about the free choice of surgery system, which consisted of a modest insurance policy for families or individuals paid monthly, which had been set up there.

It was then, based on this example, that the insurance company Assistència Sanitària Col·legial (ASC) was created in Barcelona, specialising in health insurance and grouping together a large number of the doctors associated to the Medical Association of Barcelona. The initiative was adopted in the rest of Spain through the insurance company Asisa and developed towards a co-operative healthcare model through the creation of the co-operatives Scias, Lavínia and Autogestió Sanitària.

The Espriu Foundation was created on 17 February 1989 as a forum to ensure the evolution, promotion and defence of co-operative healthcare. This is how it became the convergence point of the four healthcare institutions founded by Dr. Josep Espriu (Asisa, Autogestió Sanitària SCCL, Instalaciones Asistenciales Sanitarias Scias SCCL and Lavinia Scoop); a foundation which allows for a social medical system satisfactory for both professionals and patients.

The Espriu Foundation was accepted as a member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in 1990 and was one of the driving forces for the creation of the International Health Cooperative Organisation (IHCO) in 1996.

Similarly, as a representative entity of the social economy, the Espriu Foundation is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES) and the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF).


  • 1955 Visitor of Dr. Espriu to Igualatori Doctor of Bilbao
  • 1957 Creation of Assistència Sanitària Col.legial
  • 1971 Creation of ASISA
  • 1974 Creation of SCIAS (SCCL)
  • 1977 Creation of Lavinia S. Coop
  • 1978 Creation of Autogestió Sanitària SCCL
  • 1989 Creation of the Espriu Foundation
  • 1990 Admission of the Espriu Foundation in the International Cooperative Alliance
  • 1996 Creation of the International Health Cooperative Organization (IHCO)

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