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Espriu Foundation

The Espriu Foundation is a private non-profit entity which aims to promote, research and disseminate co-operative healthcare management using its organisational and self-management formula based on trust and closeness between doctors and patients.

In this way, healthcare professionals and service users take part in the co-management of organisations which focus on co-operative healthcare. Additionally, the foundation encourages highest quality healthcare where professional can work in complete freedom.

The Espriu Foundation brings together the Spanish institutions which practise the co-operative health model created by Dr. Josep Espriu a system for the provision of health services committed to social healthcare, which places the patient at the centre of its actions and reinvests profit in improving the quality of healthcare, rather than the pursuit of commercial profit.

It is a private entity which collaborates with public healthcare through a responsible management model.

Comprising the healthcare institutions Asisa, Autogestió Sanitària SCCL, Instalaciones Asistenciales Sanitarias Scias SCCL and Lavinia Scoop, the Espriu Foundation works to raise the social value and human capital within the sector, through co-operative healthcare.

In fact, the foundation is a reference entity in co-operative healthcare in Spain. The group of companies which make up the Espriu Foundation had a turnover of 1.787.921.758  billion euros in 2017, and has become the fourth largest co-operative healthcare group in the world, according to the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

Co-operative Healthcare

The Espriu Foundation is devoted to the promotion and development of co-operative healthcare. This is carried out through actions such as the publication of specialised magazines–Compartir Magazine–, the organisation of events, consultancy and collaboration with organisations involved in the social economy and co-operative healthcare, as well as conducting research and communication campaigns regarding related themes.

Co-operative healthcare allows for the organisation of a kind of medical assistance which respects the rights of patients and healthcare professionals. Its success lies in the close partnership between both groups.

The values which constitute the differential element Espriu Foundation entities are:

  • They are non-profit. Any surplus generated each year is reinvested for the benefit of members, users, healthcare quality and technology innovation, thus ensuring its sustainability.
  • All stakeholders are involved in management, which means that everyone who takes part in the medical assistance process is involved in a cohesive manner.
  • They are private organisations but they have a distinctly open character and are fully willingness to work collaboratively with the public health system.
  • They are entities which are committed to society and demonstrate a true commitment to people and their surroundings.

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