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This portal has been designed and developed respecting the accessibility guidelines, with the aim that all people, regardless of their disability, their age or their problems to access the web from unconventional technologies, can navigate through the pages of without encountering access difficulties.

These criteria are based on the WCAG / WAI guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the supranational organization that is responsible for the monitoring of technologies and the adoption of Internet standards.

The aforementioned Accessibility Guidelines include three levels of accessibility:

  • Level A: is a basic requirement for some user groups. Failure to do so would impede access to some people's information.
  • Level AA: its objective is to eliminate important access barriers. Failure to comply could make it difficult for some people to access information.
  • Level AAA: improves accessibility, but non-compliance would not prevent users from accessing the information.

The Fundación Espriu portal complies with the AA level standards:

  • HTML validation
  • CSS validation
  • Accessibility validation

Likewise, the source code of this website has been developed using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, recommended by the W3C for a correct visualization regardless of the navigation devices used by users, as well as an adequate separation between design and content.

Keyboard navigation and font size

It is possible to scroll through the different fields of each page using the tab key: Tab.

The sizes of the sources and other elements of the structure of each page of this portal have been implemented using relative units. So the user can modify its size at will through the controls of each browser, both from the menus of each program, and using the following shortcuts:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Control and mouse wheel, or Control + + and Control + -.
  • Opera: Control and mouse wheel, or Control + + and Control + -.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Control and mouse wheel.
  • Safari: Command + + and Command + -.

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