Cooperative Roundtable meets in Montreal

The Espriu Foundation took part at the gathering of executives of co-operative enterprises, at which a project for a commercial and knowledge exchange among co-operatives worldwide was presented.

On 11 and 12 September, Montreal was the venue for a gathering of executives of co-operative enterprises, known as the Cooperative Roundtable, with the aim of identifying significant issues for the co-operative business community, setting out analytical guidelines, and proposing operational policies.
At the meeting, which was attended by Dr Carlos Zarco and Jose Pérez as representatives of the Espriu Foundation, the delegates analysed issues of international trade affecting the co-operative context, while examples of e-commerce platforms developed by co-operative enterprises in China, India and Israel were set out.

There was likewise a presentation of the International Co-operative Centre project, the aim of which is to stimulate commercial and knowledge exchange among co-operative enterprises worldwide, alongside the development of innovations through a centralised digital platform. Meanwhile, the members of the Co-operative Roundtable analysed the global “Co-operatives for a better world” campaign, an initiative that aims to convey the benefits of the co-operative enterprise model to the citizens of the whole world.